About More Than Woodworking

At Global Sawdust, we share a strong sense of commitment to our products, our customers, and the environment from which we source our materials. We only source our wood from suppliers that uphold that high ethical standard that we display in our own business. While we are a small company out of New Jersey, we take steps to ensure that not only will you absolutely love your product but you can be rest assured that it was crafted by hand, individually, & with the environment in mind.

Ordering Custom Work

Step 1

Reach out with your idea!

Step 2

We'll communicate the details!

Step 3

Then we'll handcraft your piece!

Our Furniture

We absolutely love every piece that comes out of our woodshop, however creating larger projects like these furniture pieces is always a unique and fun build.

Like all our other products, every piece of furniture is handcrafted start to finish & fully customizable. On our website we have standard size offers & projects we have made in the past, but if you have another design or idea in mind, as we say “Your vision, our creation."


Our Cutting Boards

Cutting boards and furniture pieces were initially where our business started. We were preparing food in the kitchen cutting on basic store cutting boards & the quality just was not there.

This is why we designed our end grain wood cutting boards. At 1.5" thick and made exclusively from the "end-grain" of the wood, we were able to achieve not only aesthetics but the durability factor that we believe had been missing. We offer custom patterns, personalizations, chopping blocks, laser engravings, etc. Any type of wooden cutting board you are envisioning, we can create it.


Our Bottle Openers

A Bottle Opener that changes the game! We knew that the standard bottle opener in today's market was missing functionality, versatility, & durability...so we fixed that.

You don't want to worry about where the cap is going when opening your beer so we added strong magnets in the back to catch the caps as you open your beverage! The magnets also provide versatility as they allow you to stick your opener to the fridge or there are keyholes on the back so you could mount it on the wall/outside on your patio.

We place heavy emphasis on durability & longevity which is why our bottle opener is constructed entirely with hardwoods. Want it personalized? We can laser engrave it!

More Bottle Opener Photos

Our Charcuterie Boards

Like our cutting boards, our charcuterie boards were one of the initial products that we started our business on

What makes our charcuterie boards not just different, but better than the competition is that we meticulously handcraft each piece. These boards to us are more than just cheese platters or serving trays, they are an extension of our Global Sawdust family & the quality of board on which you serve your friends and family is of the utmost importance to us.

More Charcuterie Board Photos

Our Home Furnishings

Another unique area on our website and our product catalog is our custom home furnishings. Our customers come up with some truly terrific ideas and it gives us absolute joy to bring them to life.

We've made custom shelves, bread boxes, serving/ottomantrays, napkin holders, added any type of laser engraving to the projects etc. Being able to handcraft products to our customers specifications is one of our strengths as a small company & as we grow custom, personalization will always be at the forefront of our business.


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