All items are handcrafted!


Processing time for most items is 7-9 days.


Most orders arrive in 1-5 days!


Time to enjoy...we know you'll be thrilled!

Our Beginning

Taking a looking at the big name companies that sell cutting boards as well as other home furnishings, we realized that quality and longevity was seriously lacking for consumers. 

The Problem We Discovered...

Cutting Boards and Home Furnishings from other major retailers do not deliver in quality or longevity for the consumer as we think they should.

Quality should not suffer and the BEST materials should be used.

THAT, is what makes us not only different, but better.

Best Quality Wood...Period!

We use wood from all over the world; from Africa, to the west coast, to right down the street. We source the best to get you the best.

Each piece of wood is hand selected so quality is never sacrificed.  

Turn Around Time?

Unlike other companies, we do not want your product sitting on a shelf in storage somewhere.
We source the wood, handcraft, and ship it.

You'd expect this process to take a few weeks?
No. We process all standard items in 7-9 days.

Long shipping times? Not here...
All standard items are delivered in 1-5 days.

Better Methods, Better Quality Products!

Our cutting boards are always end-grain, our furniture is mortis, tennoned, have bread board ends and dove tail drawers. Our bottle openers are cutting edge and our kitchen products use food safe oils only. Our attention to the details and quality are simply better.

Because we can and the consumer deserves it.